My question is: Are the ads about his support for Obama and his policies and the video of him at the Democrat Convention phony? I applaud his service but question the change of heart I have yet to hear anything about! Nobody with innate conservative values would have ever been suckered by Obama’s hope and change if they took the time to rub 2 brain cells together. As I said, he says everything conservatives want to hear–everything. What did we learn about “something that’s too good to be true”? The only thing I’m saying here is that as many times as we have been let down by people who say all the right things until they get elected and then stab us in the back, We can’t afford to continue to allow that to happen and the only way for us to minimize it is to quit giving every body that SAYS what we like to hear the total benefit of any doubt we might have! If he has admitted his failure about getting suckered by Obama its a start. If he has NOT then he does not deserve our support for public office. A good soldier does not necessarily make a good governor! If we do not hold his feet to the fire as a man seeking our VOTE, just exactly who will? Do we elect him and then find out we screwed up and let the AG and the Legislature bail us out? That is NOT how the Founders set it up. That is the LAST resort to protect us from criminals and tyrants. The FIRST is not to elect them in the first place. GET INFORMED and GET ANSWERS by asking QUESTIONS that reveal character and integrity. Anybody can SAY what we want to hear!

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