The Inconvenient Life

The Bengazi report has come out and with it all the finger pointing and denial!  Of course Hillary and the Administration were vindicated by the MSM because it was just a Partisan hack job!  And, after all at this point, what does  it matter??  That was SUCH a long time ago!

I would ask that you consider this:  Those who really consider Bengazi old news and want to continue the ‘hope and change’ that we are currently enjoying are so pro-‘choice’ that life to them is really nothing more than a matter of convenience.

If a life is inconvenient in the womb, get rid of it.  After all why be punished for a lifetime for a very short term mistake?  By extension if globalism is the goal, how much greater the vision and how many more lives can be sacrificed if they become inconvenient?

Those who lust after power have shown themselves to be willing to sacrifice whole nations if it even appears to them that their power over what is left increases.  Perhaps that is why they want to control school curriculum–revisionist history, and dependency by increasing government subsidies on everything from healthcare and welfare to crops.  Ignorance is not bliss but dependency IS bondage!

We can educate ignorance and we can opt out of most forms of government dependency.  If the conservative economists are correct, the end of dependency is near anyway, and it will not be pleasant nor voluntary.

When an ostrich sticks its head in the sand it leaves its a$$ VERY EXPOSED.  Americans have had their heads in the sand for decades.  Our blind eye AS WELL AS the exposed parts attached to it, are bound to suffer the consequences sooner or later and the wisdom of God says it always happens sooner than we expect it will.  Is your lamp full and its wick trimmed?  Or are you going to be just another inconvenient life?

The Sit-In!

“Law-makers”, and if I used the term any more loosely it would be meaningless, have decided to grab some headlines by sitting on the floor of the House and being a spectacle.  Instead of educating themselves on what a true assault weapon is, or (God Forbid) studying the Constitution and what the Founders truly had in mind when they penned the Second Amendment, they sit on the floor whining  for the cameras.  They sit on the floor and embarrass their employers (us) and our nation by showing just what the combination of ignorance and a big mouth can do in the way of getting the attention of the sycophantic media echoing their pathetic meme of ‘Guns are at Fault!!!’

Their ‘common sense’ ‘No fly, No Buy!’ utterly ignores the fact that it took US Senator Ted frikkin’ Kennedy 6 months to get his name off the no fly list!  (Chappaquiddick had nothing to do with terrorism, except maybe in Betty Jo’s case.)  He had virtually unlimited resources and  undeniable name recognition.  What chance has the average person got to reverse a decision that is made in the dark with no access to his accuser.  What guarantee is there that DHS would not follow the IRS path and target any and all who have ever said and unkind word  about them or called for an investigation of their methods, or just showed some impatience in a TSA line? –Oh, Here are another 1000 names to add to the list!  Ya,know that file of active duty military sure makes this a lot easier.  Everybody knows, military, combat, PTSD, have to be on the list.  Those people sure can’t be trusted with a weapon!!

I’m from the government and unless you are a veteran, conservative activist, home school-er, flag waving citizen other than on the 4th of July, Christian, or any other brand of government specified home-grown terrorist, I’m here to help!   We can especially  make middle-eastern refugees, BLM, NBP, Occupy, “Undocumented immigrants” etc. comfortable on our welfare roles!  By the way, here is a Democrat voter party declaration form. We are happy to have you with us and just KNOW you’ll do the right thing when election day rolls around!  We seem to have run out of Clinton Foundation contribution forms, but you can google it on the smart phone we give you and make your best gift whenever you like out of the generous stipend you receive as a political asylum seeker!  Thank you. Next!

You know we really can’t trust those who claim to love the Constitution and Freedom—violent extremists every one.  That’s really why we have to do everything we can to keep them from getting  guns!

SMACK! HEY Wake Up! You were having a Nightmare! …Wait! What? You mean I‘m not dreaming?


What do you think will happen if Britain ditches its membership in the EU?  The economic repercussions could be catastrophic. The EU would go broke. The refugees would be no better off than if they had stayed home or in the camps.  The Socialist  leadership would very soon, almost immediately run out of other people’s money to spend. Civil unrest. Venezuela on a continental scale!  And all because the Brits don’t like people being raped and murdered in the streets by those they were just trying to help!  How ungrateful!  Throwing the whole mess to the wolves instead of just giving in to righteous Dhimmi-hood like good little servants of the Caliphate.  When will they see the light!

Oh, wait!  Its the bigotry of self-preservation that is driving them!  Reeducation is definitely in order.  I’m pretty sure the mosques could add another classroom or two if they just found someplace else to store all those AKs and ammo!  That would be the peaceful thing to do, don’t you think?



Who IS in charge here?

With all the scandals and Congressional hearings “trying to get to the bottom of it” going on, and people called to testify at these hearings being evasive and even brazenly ignoring the call to testify altogether, I have a question:
Why is it that those outside the government suffer its wrath when they stand against it when those inside the government have no fear at all of totally ignoring is authority and seem to do it with complete impunity?
Is it just me or is it that the “ruling class” has become almost completely deaf and immune to what We the People who pay their salary expect: honesty and integrity in the exercise of their office?


Why do we have to browbeat, cajole, threaten with lawsuits, or criminal charges, the people who make their livelihood out of the public treasury in order for them to be even marginally forthcoming and honest, or at least(usually) not plead the fifth? If that is the standard for the people who are hired into the alphabet soup of departments that govern our daily lives, isn’t it time to put term limits on THEM?

American Citizen?

Sign a petition to make Congress guarantee our rights?

Don’t those people take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution when they accept the office to which they are elected?  And when they don’t?  We are led like sheep to the slaughter!  They talk about how tough it is.  They talk about cooperation being necessary.  They talk  and talk and talk and with every word our liberty dwindles because they refuse to uphold the oath they took.  Let me repeat that–They REFUSE to uphold the oath they took.  They come up with every lame excuse in the book but there IS no excuse.  They refuse to represent us in the only way that is VITAL to the survival of our liberty and our continued existence as a sovereign nation: protecting and defending the Constitution.

But they get away with it because WE don’t GET IT!  We the People have turned our back on the responsibility that true liberty requires of us.  The responsibility of RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Religion has little or nothing to do with true righteousness.  Righteousness makes liberty possible.  De Toqueville GOT IT!  He said that if America ever ceases to be GOOD it will cease to be great.  Now I know that the job of just getting by in the world today is a great excuse for shirking the responsibilities of citizenship.  Those responsibilities extend beyond just going to the polls and getting the I Voted sticker!  The reason we have a totally out of control government is because we voted out of ignorance or out of personal interest and the principles of liberty be damned!

So now we have to sign a useless petition that begs the people we put in office to actually represent US instead of lining their own pockets when in point of fact most of the time they are in office in the first place because they promised to LINE OUR POCKETS!!!  We are without EXCUSE!  Our shining beacon on a hill that cries LIBERTY to the oppressed is swirling the drain because we are now in the position of thinking we have to give up ESSENTIAL LIBERTY for temporary security.  Our Founders promised that if we do that we will have NEITHER liberty NOR security.

Liberty cannot exist without the exercise of righteousness , whether we like it or not, whether we admit it or not.  Liberty is the reward of God for the righteousness of a nation.  He has and can again remove it for just cause and if you think He won’t?  Take a quick look at the history of the world.  The Founders studied it deeply and what they passed on was the gift of God.  We have turned it into a punch line!



Since Orlando, with all the useful idiots and their handlers screaming for more gun control, those who love America because of what she was created to mean and grow to represent in the world, need to think about our understanding of the 2nd amendment and it begs consideration! A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. This is the 2nd item in the bill of rights. The bill of rights enumerates the inalienable rights of citizens under the Constitution. That being the case shouldn’t the word ‘state’ as it is used here be understood to mean ‘a condition of being’? –the condition of personal freedom — The state of being free cannot be protected or secure unless we are free to arm ourselves against all who feel entitled to do as they will to you either criminally or politically. The 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting or sports. Its purpose is to recognize our right to protect ourselves against criminals and tyrants. The state of being free extends only as far as criminals and tyrants are held at bay. And when the useful idiots who have no concept of personal responsibility in preserving their freedom, succeed in taking our guns, what the Founders envisioned as a land of the free will be dead.  Silence is consent.  If we don’t stand up for America just who will do it?