The NFL and the Anthem?

Does the NFL think their insane profitability and cash flow, fan base, and the history of professional sports in general has outgrown the need to recognize the nation to which it owes its success and everything it has been able to accomplish? This nation has kicked God and the Lord Jesus Christ out of the public square and we are beginning to see the destruction from within that engendered. The NFL can rid itself of the moment of patriotism and it will never be OVERTLY missed by all the rabid fans at all. But just as the absence of God and the Lord Jesus Christ in the public square as the ultimate source of blessing, has brought us to the brink of chaos and destruction from within, the absence of recognition of the immediate source of its blessing will bring the NFL enterprise to its JUST reward! We were warned, when we start thinking that our riches are the result of our own effort and not by the hand of Providence, it is then that the hand of Providence begins to close. When we sew the wind we will reap the whirlwind!

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