Term Limits?

Forest Gump said it best, “Stupid is as stupid does!”
Government FOR THE PEOPLE is ONLY accomplished when newly minted candidates OF THE PEOPLE are elected to office BY THE PEOPLE!
Just got an email asking if I was interested in joining a conservative group that is ‘fighting to hold Congress accountable!’ My question is: If I have to band together with a bunch of other people to ‘hold Congress accountable’, why are the same people being RE-ELECTED 90% OF THE TIME? If the Group that is in Congress now needs to be Screamed at to do what’s right under the Constitution, and then only do it kicking and screaming, pass horrific travesties of law in the dark of night without reading them, make laws that DO NOT APPLY TO THEM but only to US, then WHAT in the name of Jesus do we keep re-electing them for? The WHOLE House of Representatives is up for election every 2 years! ALL laws concerning Government Spending, Constitutionally, are to ORIGINATE in the HOUSE! SO why are WE 19 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT? We have the opportunity to hold them accountable every 2 years! Is joining a group that just screams at them to do their job really going to do any good if we aren’t willing to actually throw the bums out and start over? Get rid of the Kabuki theater and put people in office who haven’t had the chance to find out just how much they can sucker us and still get away with it!!!
Many people say TERM LIMITS is the answer. We already have term limits–2 years for Representatives and 6 years for Senators. All we have to do is ENFORCE THEM by electing someone else to office!!!  And if some turn out to be lousy, so what!  Can they really be any worse AS A GROUP than the mess we have there NOW?
Why do supposedly intelligent, freedom loving Americans continue to elect the very people who have ENSLAVED us, our children and our children’s children with a mountain of debt that has demonstrably begun to destroy us morally, economically, and in every other measurable way turned us into a 3rd rate, 3rd world country?
We CAN turn it around with God’s help, but we have to decide if freedom is worth sacrificing for or not!

Who is really the Loser here?

Someone said Cruz just couldn’t accept that he lost.  Well, its not Cruz who lost. He has stood on principle the whole time. It is our country that has lost. Anybody that allows their emotion to overrule common sense and conscience when selecting the one who will be the most powerful man in the world, is a detriment to freedom and a disgrace to those who shed their blood to help preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. Principle be damned, winning is all that matters. We proved that in 2008 and again in 2012. The counterattack that defamed Cruz and his family was built on lies. The pic of Milania was public and originally put out there with her blessing. The character assassination that followed the super-PAC’s republishing of it was vile and vindictive because it 1. had no basis in fact concerning the source (which was ultimately Milania herself), and 2. was aimed at one who had nothing to do with it in the first place. I’m not for one minute saying the super-PAC did the right thing at ALL!! BUT: If we sell our souls for political victory, what is gained? And if we follow anyone who is willing to do so, will we not reap the same rewards? Cruz did not tell anyone they were making a mistake in that speech. He called on ALL of us to vote our conscience, and got booed for it. That truly makes me fearful of where the heart of America stands. The GOP used to stand for principle but when called upon to recognize that fact what happened? Which will God bless; those whose actions show their faith in Him, or those whose actions prove they are leaning on their own understanding. Are there enough people of true faith left in America to preserve it? If there had been 10 righteous in Sodom it would not have been overthrown. I guess we will soon find out.

Pics of Milania?

Phil Robertson said Cruz should forgive and forget and just go ahead and endorse Trump!  What happened to the staffer who posted the pics of Trump’s wife? Mr. Robertson needs to remember that ‘to act against conscience is neither right nor safe’. Cruz congratulated Trump on winning the nomination and said not one negative word about him during that speech. He called on us all to be Americans FIRST and vote our conscience up and down the ticket. What does he need to do kiss Trump’s a$$ and give him a week to sell tickets and draw a crowd to watch? Are Trump-bots one little bit better, smarter, or more patriotic than the Obama-bots they are replacing?

By the way, weren’t those pics something she posed for and happily made public when they were taken?  Just how does spouting outright lies and nastiness about Cruz’s wife and father equate?  Just who owes who and apology here? And if you think its a draw, then you need to let it go and go to the polls and VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE! Which is what true patriots do in the FIRST PLACE!

Update:  According to news sources at the time,  it was an anti-Trump super PAC that posted the pic of Milania.  Cruz had NOTHING to do with it.  The pics were PUBLIC!  So to jinn up the Trump-bots, Trump lied about who was the source and then kept up the lie about Cruz’s character for the rest of the campaign.  Just the kind of man I want to have as commander in chief of the most powerful military on earth as well as the largest civilian army of armed departments on earth.  How will he deal with anyone else who hurts his feelings.  Will he do like Stalin, Mau, and Hitler and if character assassination doesn’t work, use bullets?  Just askin’.

The NFL and the Anthem?

Does the NFL think their insane profitability and cash flow, fan base, and the history of professional sports in general has outgrown the need to recognize the nation to which it owes its success and everything it has been able to accomplish? This nation has kicked God and the Lord Jesus Christ out of the public square and we are beginning to see the destruction from within that engendered. The NFL can rid itself of the moment of patriotism and it will never be OVERTLY missed by all the rabid fans at all. But just as the absence of God and the Lord Jesus Christ in the public square as the ultimate source of blessing, has brought us to the brink of chaos and destruction from within, the absence of recognition of the immediate source of its blessing will bring the NFL enterprise to its JUST reward! We were warned, when we start thinking that our riches are the result of our own effort and not by the hand of Providence, it is then that the hand of Providence begins to close. When we sew the wind we will reap the whirlwind!


My question is: Are the ads about his support for Obama and his policies and the video of him at the Democrat Convention phony? I applaud his service but question the change of heart I have yet to hear anything about! Nobody with innate conservative values would have ever been suckered by Obama’s hope and change if they took the time to rub 2 brain cells together. As I said, he says everything conservatives want to hear–everything. What did we learn about “something that’s too good to be true”? The only thing I’m saying here is that as many times as we have been let down by people who say all the right things until they get elected and then stab us in the back, We can’t afford to continue to allow that to happen and the only way for us to minimize it is to quit giving every body that SAYS what we like to hear the total benefit of any doubt we might have! If he has admitted his failure about getting suckered by Obama its a start. If he has NOT then he does not deserve our support for public office. A good soldier does not necessarily make a good governor! If we do not hold his feet to the fire as a man seeking our VOTE, just exactly who will? Do we elect him and then find out we screwed up and let the AG and the Legislature bail us out? That is NOT how the Founders set it up. That is the LAST resort to protect us from criminals and tyrants. The FIRST is not to elect them in the first place. GET INFORMED and GET ANSWERS by asking QUESTIONS that reveal character and integrity. Anybody can SAY what we want to hear!

Arms at the RNC?

When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns!!! If the law ABIDING people are armed, the cowards who shoot up UNARMED venues will more than likely find someplace else to go. The Japanese didn’t invade because the American people were ARMED! Do you really think you have more to fear from people who carry to protect themselves and others, than from criminal cowards who choose to ambush unarmed targets and shoot cops in the back or drive trucks down sidewalks or wear suicide vests? The Second Amendment state of being free cannot be protected by those who give up ESSENTIAL LIBERTY for temporary security! Personally I am happy to be 500 miles from that freak show circus. True Americans have allowed the inmates to take over the asylum and we will pay the price for our sloth unless God intervenes and that doesn’t usually happen until His people can look nowhere but up.

Not one of the recent terrorists has shown themselves to be willing to go mano-a-mano against someone armed and ready. They are cowards.

It is not the primary responsibility of the police to protect my life, it IS mine. If I give that responsibility over to someone else, and my life is taken, there is no one to blame but me, because I gave away the right to protect myself so that someone else could be comfortably blind to the reality that it isn’t guns that kill people, its people that kill people. Of Course, I might probably lose it anyway, but at least I wouldn’t go as a sheep to the slaughter!  Are they going to make sure nobody drives a U-Haul within a mile of the convention center, too? We, as Americans, need to get over the idea that since WW2 the streets in most of this country have been statistically safe. That is no longer the case. We the People have to reclaim the responsibility for our own safety. And when I say responsibility for our own safety I mean ALL of it. There is a tremendous responsibility that goes along with going about ARMED that we did not bear throughout our lives. We will have to become accustomed to the weight of bearing that responsibility and the attitude that goes with it, or we might just as well let the politicians have our guns and kiss our freedom goodbye. The same thing will happen here that happened in Russia and China and N. Korea. Knowledge of the truth can be very unpleasant and certainly unpopular. We aren’t barbarians. We are better than that. Problem is that we are surrounded by them. We have a choice right now. Either we give up or we stand up. Neither course is pleasant. Thomas Jefferson said the tree of Liberty must from time to time be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. I pray God he was wrong but History says otherwise.

To Carry? Or Not!

Corrupt!  A nation of laws?  We have laws!  But just who is enforcing them?  Liars and Cheaters and Thieves!  Oh, My!

I grew up in peace.  Not world peace, you understand.  But the peace of being able to tell your kids to be home before dark, turn them loose with no cell phone or any other means of instant communication, not hear a word out of them all day long and be virtually certain that they would be home by dark (or at least almost).  No fear (or almost).

My dad was a small town cop.  He knew just about everybody and about everybody knew him and if someone partied a little too hearty and got stopped he might give them a ride home or just let them sleep it off in a cell and cut them loose in the morning.   No fear, no record, little or no problem and no real enemies.  He did his job and was respected whether he was always liked or not.  He carried a gun when he was on duty.  The rest of the time it hung on a chair in their bedroom and we knew enough not to touch it.  That was when it was a nation of laws.  We lived in the spirit of the law and only resorted to the letter when the lawbreaker would have it no other way.  I knew no one who really thought it necessary to carry a gun for self-protection.  Everybody knew they could if they had to, but no one thought they had to!  Most had them whether they ever used them for anything or not.  But that was fifty years ago.

The difference between then and now is shameful!  In the last few years I have observed changes in this country that demand a response.  That response is one that I find distasteful at best.  Disgusting is probably a more apt  description.  It never really occurred to me that I had responsibilities associated with the rights my forefathers sacrificed so much to preserve for me.  That is until schools started getting shot up and bombs started going off and rioting in the street over media-hyped injustice that was obviously staged to create chaos.  I began to look at the responsibilities my rights required of me.  Responsibilities outside of home and family (although part of the situation outside is because of my lack of attention over decades!  Not myself alone but every American who spent all their time and attention on getting stuff and none of it being a watchman on the wall)  I must at this point inject an epiphany I had concerning the Second Amendment.  …being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  That epiphany concerns the meaning of ‘free state’.  It does not mean the state of Kansas or New York or any of the other forty-eight possibilities; or even the United States.   It means the condition of personal freedom—the state of being free!   It means that without the unfettered  freedom to keep and bear arms, we are at the mercy of criminals and tyrants.  The personal right to self-defense by whatever means one deems necessary, is one of the unmentioned inalienable rights among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

Now that I have taken the blinders off and climbed that wall and looked around, what I see sickens me.  Instead of a shining city on a hill, I see a morally bankrupt, dependant, what’s in it for me, society that can be manipulated and deceived by anyone who says anything they want to hear.  We have been turned against each other by those who want nothing more than to extinguish the light we once were.  Don’t get me wrong, we were never perfect, far from it.  But a nation that encouraged individual freedom was rare.  Those who want control simply cannot abide the freedom of others.  But the idea of being free is hard to kill.  They have been looking for ways to destroy it as long as controlling others has been in the mind of man.  The best way to do it is to give away stuff.  The Robin Hood government!  Take from the rich and give to the poor!  Don’t make anyone earn what they are given in any way!  That is demeaning!  The Great Society!  Well, here we are, at the crossroads.

And I?  Well I have come to the conclusion that the right to keep and bear arms must be exercised if it is to be kept!  I hate it.  I hate feeling the need to be armed.  I hate that criminals are welcomed in across an open border and given stuff citizens are finding it harder and harder to earn.  I hate that the government that is supposed to support and defend the Constitution, the document that shouts out to us that we have inalienable rights, isn’t!  They are shredding it and buying the opportunity to shred it by giving away stuff they have stolen from the producers.  I hate being told I am a bigot because I value my freedom and want it protected.  I hate that people would sell their soul for a handout!  I hate that rioters and looters are given a free pass.  I hate that being a responsible American makes me a target!  I hate that there are those who want to destroy what I love just because they can.

I love what the Founders created enough to protect it and see it passed on, and I pray to Almighty God that the pen truly is mightier than the sword in doing so!


Article V in a Nutshell!

“I just knew it! Elect some people to go and fix a few things and look what happens! It’s a runaway convention! Just like everybody feared it would be! They wound up throwing it all out and starting from scratch! Who knows what will happen now! All we can do is pray!”

— Anonymous, early September 1787.

Well, the prayers worked. On September 17, 1787, the greatest foundational document ever written for the formation of a government of men by men was completed and signed at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nestled in the midst of it was the very unassuming and seemingly innocuous Article V. It recognizes that Congress can present amendments to the Constitution for ratification when it seems advisable to do so. But it also says that upon petition by two-thirds of the states Congress shall call a convention of states for the express purpose of drafting amendments that the states find to have become necessary. Now the only reason that an Article V convention of states would become necessary is that the Federal Government has become unresponsive to the will of the people and must, by modification of the Constitution itself through the amendment process, be brought to heel! The Federal Government has come to the point that it will not govern itself.

Mark Levin has written a book (The Liberty Amendments) in which he gives eleven specific examples of amendments that could be made and used to rein in the out-of-control bureaucracy that has become so much a shackle to freedom and free enterprise. But there are several seemingly conservative entities that categorically refuse to admit that an Article V convention would be beneficial. Indeed they rant and rave about the possibility of a “runaway” convention that would throw the baby out with the bathwater. Their fear seems to be that we would lose what we have shed so much blood over the last two hundred and forty years to “protect”.

The Eagle Forum has presented a list of twenty questions they say cannot be answered to assure that such a “Con Con” would not destroy what we have. Well not to put too fine a point on their objections yet, but do we really want to continue on the same road and hope that the Federal Government will fix itself if we just keep sending emails and signing petitions? Good luck with that! They won’t even indict Hillary or censure the Administration in any way for running guns and giving other aid and comfort to our sworn enemies! How many petitions have been signed and sent begging them to close our border and actually enforce immigration law?

So, about Article V and the twenty questions: The majority of the questions have to do with authority; whose authority determines the details/rules of how the convention is organized, committees, quorum, venue, officers, etc. What about the authority this convention wields, can it simply discard the Constitution and start over? The fears are, I am very sorry to say, unfounded and out of ignorance. I’m sorry to say that because the conservative organizations that are opposed to the Article V convention are, otherwise, very laudable in what they do and support! But to put their objections in a nutshell, let’s start with the first question of authority.

We the People are the final authority. The output of the Convention of States, whoever its officers, whatever its committees, however they got there in the first place from their respective states, are proposed amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America. As such, they must pass the bar of ratification by three-fourths of the various states just as all the other amendments after the Bill of Rights have done. The Convention is not a sovereign body! It is convened for one purpose: to present back to we the people, the best, most necessary amendments to stop the overreach of an out-of-control Federal Government, We the People in the several states can then agree or disagree with their proposals and those passing muster through the ratification process given elsewhere in the Constitution, will become valid amendments.

The Article V Convention is not something to be feared and fought! If we trust the Founders wisdom at all, it is time for us to stand united and demand of our states legislatures that they push back and require that Congress call an Article V Convention of States. The Founders didn’t trust the Federal Government to do the right thing over time. In fact, they knew it would not. That is why this innocuous sounding little Article is there. I trust the wisdom of the Founders. It is past time to ask yourself, do you? If you are not part of the solution to the ills of this nation then you are definitely part of the problem! Get off the fence! Let’s take our freedoms back!

The Founders gave birth to a nation governed by law, not men. I for one, believe it is time for that vision to be redeemed! It was courage and vision that made it possible. We either have it or we don’t. History will definitely show which.

This article was first published on Constitution.com.  Please pay them a visit also.