I want to believe in the COS effort. The Founders were brilliant men and did their very best to provide a lasting framework upon which their children could live in freedom. Article V has emotional appeal to freedom loving Americans in today’s climate of overreaching government. BUT! This is the question I need answered or at least addressed before I can throw my whole support behind the COS effort and I hope you feel the same way: Given the corrupt state of government and the seemingly ubiquitous lack of moral fiber in the general population, how can amending a constitution that few pay any attention to at all, fix our problem? Won’t they just ignore or subvert any real constitutional effort to rein in the bureaucratic nightmare we have allowed to spawn? If we find delegates the caliber of the Founders who care more for the principles upon which the future of liberty can flourish than the interests of the individual, will the huge percentage of the population dependent upon the status quo willingly give up their corporate governmental “security net” for the individual insecurity and personal responsibility that true freedom is built upon? The Founders effort was based upon a real trust in divine Providence. In God We Trust has become a slogan on our money but hardly a principle of life for us today. Without that what good will amending the Founding Document do?

Test of Faith

Do you Really believe what you Say you really Believe?

  • You say, In God we trust. Its on our money, part of our American cultural foundation.  The Founding Fathers ended the Declaration of Independence with this:  And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

Do WE in this PC day and age SAY what we MEAN?  We SAY we trust in God, and it SOUNDS like we mean it. Do we do it because, in the church, its the PC thing to say?  After all, we can live as we choose the rest of the week!  Whose to judge?

56 men suffered varying degrees of misfortune for placing their signature underneath John Hancock’s – but none of them wavered, and none of them repudiated their pledge. For this, and despite all the difficulties we have faced – and will continue to face – here in America, we should always give our thanks.

9 died before victory and fully 1/3 died impoverished having given all they had to the cause or had it looted and burned, stolen by British sympathizers, or confiscated outright by the British.

They said what they meant.  They also MEANT what they SAID.  They put their firm reliance  in Divine Providence.  Can we even comprehend today what that means?

Let’s take a current events example:  The media, both parties, and most people in general say the election is a binary choice; Trump or Hillary period.

IS THAT TRUE?  Are you convinced that it is a binary choice?  1 or 0?  There are other options to be sure, other parties and even an independent!  But do any of them have a chance of winning?

AS A CHRISTIAN IS IT RIGHT FOR ME TO CAST MY VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO IS DEMONSTRABLY AN UNBELIEVER?  What does Scripture say about casting your lot with the unbeliever?  And if Scripture says its wrong, why should I vote for either one of the binary choices?  To keep the other from winning???  HOW UNCHRISTIAN IS THAT???  Repentance starts NOW!  The past will not change!

I am not asking how you are going to vote: not my business, don’t care!  Between you and your conscience!!  IN GOD WE TRUST.  We say what we mean BUT DO WE MEAN WHAT WE SAY?  DO we REALLY believe?  Are we willing to trust in Divine Providence that the God we SAY we worship IS ABLE?

75% profess at least cultural Christianity and yet a vanishingly small minority can make abomination the law of the land because we (who SAY we REALLY BELIEVE)  won’t stand up for the law of GOD!  We won’t educate ourselves, we won’t inform ourselves and if we REALLY believed in Divine Providence we would know beyond all shadow of doubt that it works BOTH ways BLESSING AND CURSING!  So tell me again that you REALLY believe and I’ll tell you the same and we can leave here with our conscience assuaged but hardly clear—to our everlasting detriment.   We can’t live like hell and expect heaven, can we?  Let’s close with a word of prayer!

Character Matters!

The skills to do the jobs to which candidates are elected are important but they are not the sole criteria upon which to base the vote cast to elect them. I am aware that I sound like an ideologue when I speak of the differences between the parties and I hope that you are aware of the differences between them.
The criteria apart from job skills are every bit as important and go back to the Founders and their ideas about governance, character, and freedom. Each of the offices held by elected officials except for the party committees operate under a tax-funded budget (the Pike County Republican Committee has no budget and no source of revenue other than unsolicited donations). The input of the elected official is taken into account in setting the budget for that office. The more the official is convinced that the government not only can but should take a more active role in the “welfare” or well being of their constituents the more they are willing to push for more power and authority which means to whatever extent possible a larger budget which means a higher tax burden on we the people, and the more articulate and convincing they are the more successful they can be at increasing the budget and scope of their domain. If their aim is to make it an upwardly mobile career, they will carry this philosophy into every office to which they are elected. The psychology that pushes such an ideology is the same one that underlies the reason our education system is in the shambles it is. Our children shouldn’t have to work and suffer the way we did (the nanny-state ideology). If you have seen the effect of the welfare state (Democrat ideology on full display) on the inner cities and the American Indian living on reservations, you cannot fail to see that throwing money at anything increases graft and corruption and ultimately corrodes and destroys the fabric of the society it is supposedly meant to help. The more the producers are forced to give up the fruits of their labor to those who cannot or will not produce for themselves the less incentive there is for them to produce beyond their own needs.
If you are not in agreement with what the Bible has to say about sin and its various visages, and that character is not affected by it, then by all means we can continue on down the short road to destruction that we are on. But if you believe that character matters–I get that nobody is without sin and that –, then you must also concede that overriding principle must come before personal interest in the way we live our lives and conduct our relationships and treat honestly with all we meet. You wouldn’t buy a car from someone you knew would cheat you if they could, so why on God’s green earth would you elect them to office even if they were hands down the most skillful salesman? How could you trust them to do what they were put there to do without cheating you and enriching themselves if they got the chance? A person of character is not without mistakes and failures, but that is not where they live. Character and integrity are refined in the fire of screw-ups and mistakes. Get burned, learn, and get better.
When trust is an issue character matters. Character is a measurement of moral integrity. When someone is elected to an office of public trust, character and integrity should be at the top of the list of qualifications, not a non-issue because we think they can win the office.
ANY  official (elected or hired) who holds a position of public trust and uses their position to punish, silence, impoverish, or otherwise unjustly wield power over those who openly disagree with their political ideology are the lowest form of coward.  The have no moral integrity, nor do they display any form of intellectual honesty.  If their political ideology is that good for everyone, how could their logic fail to win in open debate?  To silence opposition through use of force instead of evident reason is political cowardice and nothing more.