Arms at the RNC?

When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns!!! If the law ABIDING people are armed, the cowards who shoot up UNARMED venues will more than likely find someplace else to go. The Japanese didn’t invade because the American people were ARMED! Do you really think you have more to fear from people who carry to protect themselves and others, than from criminal cowards who choose to ambush unarmed targets and shoot cops in the back or drive trucks down sidewalks or wear suicide vests? The Second Amendment state of being free cannot be protected by those who give up ESSENTIAL LIBERTY for temporary security! Personally I am happy to be 500 miles from that freak show circus. True Americans have allowed the inmates to take over the asylum and we will pay the price for our sloth unless God intervenes and that doesn’t usually happen until His people can look nowhere but up.

Not one of the recent terrorists has shown themselves to be willing to go mano-a-mano against someone armed and ready. They are cowards.

It is not the primary responsibility of the police to protect my life, it IS mine. If I give that responsibility over to someone else, and my life is taken, there is no one to blame but me, because I gave away the right to protect myself so that someone else could be comfortably blind to the reality that it isn’t guns that kill people, its people that kill people. Of Course, I might probably lose it anyway, but at least I wouldn’t go as a sheep to the slaughter!  Are they going to make sure nobody drives a U-Haul within a mile of the convention center, too? We, as Americans, need to get over the idea that since WW2 the streets in most of this country have been statistically safe. That is no longer the case. We the People have to reclaim the responsibility for our own safety. And when I say responsibility for our own safety I mean ALL of it. There is a tremendous responsibility that goes along with going about ARMED that we did not bear throughout our lives. We will have to become accustomed to the weight of bearing that responsibility and the attitude that goes with it, or we might just as well let the politicians have our guns and kiss our freedom goodbye. The same thing will happen here that happened in Russia and China and N. Korea. Knowledge of the truth can be very unpleasant and certainly unpopular. We aren’t barbarians. We are better than that. Problem is that we are surrounded by them. We have a choice right now. Either we give up or we stand up. Neither course is pleasant. Thomas Jefferson said the tree of Liberty must from time to time be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. I pray God he was wrong but History says otherwise.

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