COS pro or CON!

Used to support Meckler’s COS work. Then did my homework. Americans MUST NOT support COS because it is EMOTIONALLY satisfying to do so!  Our Constitution is far too valuable a document in the history of the world to be trashed by emotion driven lemmings at the behest of those who will stop at nothing to gain power!  Sad to say, useful idiots VOTE!  Take the red pill and educate yourself and all who will listen.  Those who will not obey the rule of law we have, most certainly will not obey any law that is NOT TO THEIR benefit! If you want to support Meckler’s work, fine.  BUT, do it because it is PROVABLY the RIGHT thing to do, NOT because it feels like it MIGHT be a cure for what ails this nation! Doing something is NOT always better than doing nothing! Especially when the future well being of our children hangs in the balance. PLEASE, read the previous post all the way through. Educate yourself, then choose! We will ALL have to live with the consequences.

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