American Sharia?

Sharia is the absolute antithesis of the Bill of Rights. The implementation of Sharia on American soil denies everything the Founders gave us in terms of rights and justice. I have no problem with Sharia practiced in any country where the rights of the individual are meaningless anyway, but this is not some third world dump that has never tasted the wonder of freedom. This is the United States of America. This nation was founded to allow the individual to be free to live and explore and pursue their own HAPPINESS! America made the 5000 year leap! Generations of Americans have fought and died to get and protect that freedom. I will not sit down and shut up and allow the globalists,and their minions, the morons and useful idiots to steal the rights of Americans in the name of security! Those who give up essential liberty for security Deserve NEITHER liberty NOR security! NO American on American soil should be denied due process of the law. That is the priceless advantage of BEING an American Citizen! Illegal aliens are NOT American citizens and as such are breaking the law simply by being here. They deserve to be treated as human beings and sent back to where ever they came from. If they are enemy combatants they can be treated as prisoners of war. Upon a cessation of hostilities they can be repatriated with their word to cease hostile action against us. The price of again taking up arms against us is death. Since they have not shown that sort of mercy, I think that is more than fair. But I’m just a farm boy who came to value what my Citizenship means and what it cost those who gave it to me way too late in life. I just pray my words will cause someone else with youth and energy to think about and value what we were given more than I did when I made a fool of myself. Please don’t let the globalists slip in and steal it away. The cost is informing yourself while you can and share what you learn.

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