Pics of Milania?

Phil Robertson said Cruz should forgive and forget and just go ahead and endorse Trump!  What happened to the staffer who posted the pics of Trump’s wife? Mr. Robertson needs to remember that ‘to act against conscience is neither right nor safe’. Cruz congratulated Trump on winning the nomination and said not one negative word about him during that speech. He called on us all to be Americans FIRST and vote our conscience up and down the ticket. What does he need to do kiss Trump’s a$$ and give him a week to sell tickets and draw a crowd to watch? Are Trump-bots one little bit better, smarter, or more patriotic than the Obama-bots they are replacing?

By the way, weren’t those pics something she posed for and happily made public when they were taken?  Just how does spouting outright lies and nastiness about Cruz’s wife and father equate?  Just who owes who and apology here? And if you think its a draw, then you need to let it go and go to the polls and VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE! Which is what true patriots do in the FIRST PLACE!

Update:  According to news sources at the time,  it was an anti-Trump super PAC that posted the pic of Milania.  Cruz had NOTHING to do with it.  The pics were PUBLIC!  So to jinn up the Trump-bots, Trump lied about who was the source and then kept up the lie about Cruz’s character for the rest of the campaign.  Just the kind of man I want to have as commander in chief of the most powerful military on earth as well as the largest civilian army of armed departments on earth.  How will he deal with anyone else who hurts his feelings.  Will he do like Stalin, Mau, and Hitler and if character assassination doesn’t work, use bullets?  Just askin’.

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