Is It Time?

Been sitting around for weeks now watching, trying to keep up on the COVID news and find some way to decide just how dangerous this disease is. After a while it has become obvious that some of what the nation has done has been warranted.

But lately it has come to the point where I have to decide if I am an American or a robot that has been programmed to do what the “authority figures” tell me is good for me.

Which then, given that there is little else to do but contemplate the big questions of life, I felt it necessary to consider just what it means to be an American. Which then led me to consider how we got here painted in broad strokes.

  1. The pilgrims fled England for religious freedom.
  2. The colonists fought the Revolution to prove they had inalienable, God-given human rights.
  3. The continent was conquered by those willing to risk their lives to make their own mark.
  4. A civil war was fought to prove the Constitution applied to all citizens of whatever color.
  5. Our success as a nation brought us entanglements that meant our involvement in world wars.
  6. That success went to our heads and led us to try to evangelize the world in ‘Americanism’.
  7. ‘The Ugly American’ became a world view on 6 continents.
  8. Globalism is the world view that the whole world can have what we have if they bring us down just a notch or 10.
  9. Globalists are using every tactic they can to make that happen; both foreign and domestic.
  10. That IS BOTH foreign AND domestic.

Which then, brought me to try to decide if I needed a tin foil hat or if what I was coming to consider truth was not just a conspiracy theory.

Question: Is the reaction to this ‘pandemic’ a carefully executed test of the resolve of the American people to stand against elected officials who are ignoring the Constitution?

I mean if the globalists and petty dictators find that we are willing to put up with any overreach for the sake of perceived temporary security, won’t they continue to push the limits even further in shredding the Constitution if people are unwilling to even speak up in its defense?

Of the people, by the people, and for the people means that ultimately We the People must stand in its defense or those who thrive on abuse of power will ignore it, as has been proven is several jurisdictions just recently. It is time to demand their adherence to the Constitution. Either we stand up for and use The Bill of Rights, or we will lose it!

So, is it time?

#Resist Tyranny

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