Term Limits?

Forest Gump said it best, “Stupid is as stupid does!”
Government FOR THE PEOPLE is ONLY accomplished when newly minted candidates OF THE PEOPLE are elected to office BY THE PEOPLE!
Just got an email asking if I was interested in joining a conservative group that is ‘fighting to hold Congress accountable!’ My question is: If I have to band together with a bunch of other people to ‘hold Congress accountable’, why are the same people being RE-ELECTED 90% OF THE TIME? If the Group that is in Congress now needs to be Screamed at to do what’s right under the Constitution, and then only do it kicking and screaming, pass horrific travesties of law in the dark of night without reading them, make laws that DO NOT APPLY TO THEM but only to US, then WHAT in the name of Jesus do we keep re-electing them for? The WHOLE House of Representatives is up for election every 2 years! ALL laws concerning Government Spending, Constitutionally, are to ORIGINATE in the HOUSE! SO why are WE 19 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT? We have the opportunity to hold them accountable every 2 years! Is joining a group that just screams at them to do their job really going to do any good if we aren’t willing to actually throw the bums out and start over? Get rid of the Kabuki theater and put people in office who haven’t had the chance to find out just how much they can sucker us and still get away with it!!!
Many people say TERM LIMITS is the answer. We already have term limits–2 years for Representatives and 6 years for Senators. All we have to do is ENFORCE THEM by electing someone else to office!!!  And if some turn out to be lousy, so what!  Can they really be any worse AS A GROUP than the mess we have there NOW?
Why do supposedly intelligent, freedom loving Americans continue to elect the very people who have ENSLAVED us, our children and our children’s children with a mountain of debt that has demonstrably begun to destroy us morally, economically, and in every other measurable way turned us into a 3rd rate, 3rd world country?
We CAN turn it around with God’s help, but we have to decide if freedom is worth sacrificing for or not!

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