In for a Penny?

For those who missed the headline that SC Senate approved a bill banning all abortions: You know the Founders declared life to be an unalienable right endowed by our Creator; not only unalienable, but self-evident. They assumed that anyone with a brain could see and accept that as undeniable truth! The South Carolina senate just stripped the Founding statement of life as an inalienable right and made it subject to the whims of lawmakers. Its great that they approved a bill to ban all abortions, but don’t we already have law on the books concerning first degree, premeditated murder? Just what part of killing a full-term, living human being fails to qualify as first degree murder in the states that already allow it? What part of murdering any innocent human being for being inconvenient fails to qualify? Am I the only one who has looked at all the facts, used my God given reason and logic, and come to the inescapable conclusion that abortion is murder? Despite all the phony, self-serving arguments to the contrary, no matter what, bottom line, its murder. God forgive me for taking so long to say it.

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