Those Who Govern Best…

Mrs. Gillibrand is running for POTUS. She wants to do away with the Electoral College. She is anti-gun. She is pro tax-the-rich. All of which together make her part and parcel of the Democrat party’s elite way of thinking and expresses just what would happen to those of us who disagree because we know something of history.
History holds no example of government of any nation that has succeeded in protecting the rights of the individual after the individual has given up the right to defend themselves against governmental excess.

People seem to think the term ‘free state’ as used in the second amendment means the governmental entity that was set up to preserve freedom! NO! That is not what the framers were saying. What that meant was the state of individual freedom in which a person could keep or dispose of the fruits of their labor as they saw fit; the state of individual freedom that made it possible for a person to live or die in want or in plenty by the choices they made. Being that free in no way relieves us of the responsibility we have to our fellow man. In fact it makes us more responsible to share our blessings with the less fortunate.

When free men choose to raise up a government to take over those responsibilities, it follows as night follows day, that our freedom becomes forfeit, all at once or dribbling away over decades.

Americans may have largely forgotten that fact because they have forgotten history. We are no longer instilled with the truth by parents or teachers, that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, and suffer all the pain that forgetting so great a truth entails.  God have mercy on us if we who remember history fail to pass on truth to the next generation for it is they who will live in what we pass on, be it success or failure moving back toward true freedom or further into servitude and eventually outright slavery .

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