SB98 the Transgender Shower bill

Re SB98 the Transgender shower bill
As I see it there are laws on the books regarding indecent exposure. How about demanding that the executive branch enforce these existing laws? Is it not unlawful to expose one’s self to public view? And is public view not anywhere that the opposite sex (not gender identity) might see such display? And are restrooms not sexually designated to preclude such action? Why must I be forced to accept such lack of a grasp of reality or another law to stop someone dragging me into their fantasy?
Government always sees more government and more laws as the cure for ‘the problem’, when in point of fact it is not. An old teacher of mine said it best: The harder you try to make things foolproof, all you do is create a bigger and better fool!
Enforcing the laws we have is what needs to be done.

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