Of Crime and Punishment!

James Crawford, pastor of Westside Church, Redding, California, has been charged with 22 felony counts of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child, a series of sex crime-related enhancements, and nine misdemeanors.
His bail was set at $1 million and his attorney couldn’t believe it.
Now I’m not a lawmaker nor a judge, thank God. But these crimes took place over the course of 7 years! IF this man is found guilty, will his punishment fit his crime? IF this man is guilty, he has stolen something from these children that CANNOT be replaced and the punishment for that should make ANYONE even contemplating giving in to the sick temptation to molest a child pause to consider and FEAR what will happen WHEN they are caught!
It should be a CERTAINTY that they will NOT continue to live in relative comfort and ease.  If we, as a God the FEARING society we used to claim to be,  continue to reward lawlessness of every stripe and depravity by simply warehousing the felon in prisons that provide for their every want and need available behind bars, there is no more fear of God before our eyes.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. –That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,
The ‘just power of the government’ includes the power to punish evildoers.  There is little more evil than poisoning the mind of a child through violating a position of unquestioned trust.  A man ‘of the cloth’ is presumed to be above reproach and to violate that trust is worse than highway robbery.  At least the robber is not deceiving anyone about his intentions nor his actions.  No, to violate a trust that presumes one to be above reproach is worse than murder.  It steals the innocence of youth and purity in the most vile of selfish action.  One who would do this should KNOW that he will neither live long nor prosper in the enjoyment of such depravity.  If the promised reward of goodness is not enough to curb one’s appetites, the utter fear of the punishment should.  Justice WILL be served.  God has promised that.  But that does not mean we can leave it all up to Him and allow this kind of immoral disgrace to run rampant among us.  Governments are instituted among men to protect the rights of ALL including those who are the most helpless.  We are failing miserably at that because we have decided to extend grace to those who will use it against us the next time they get the chance. Just punishment should remove either the desire or the chance!

6 thoughts on “Of Crime and Punishment!

  1. Nickel Boy Graphics says:

    I particularly agree your conclusion “We are failing miserably at that because we have decided to extend grace to those who will use it against us the next time they get the chance.” Someone like this is more likely to find God’s grace only after having been given proper consequences for their actions.

  2. Reed says:

    Strong words for someone who was accused, not convicted. Do you know how many cases their are in the United states of adopted children falsely accusing strict parents of abuse so they can run off with a boyfriend. Consider next time before using such definite words, you would not want to be a false accuser yourself before our Lord and Savior.

    • wpuser135 says:

      In this post I said IF he is found guilty. I did not in any way imply that I do not want JUSTICE to be served. My question was ‘will the punishment fit the crime’ still stands. Didn’t Christ Himself say that it would be better for one who stood in the way of a little child coming to Him to have a millstone tied around his neck and be cast into the sea than what was in store for them? Now that is pretty strong talk from the One Who will sit in judgment. And isn’t what this individual has been accused of tantamount to doing exactly that by malfeasance of his position of trust? Again, IF he is guilty a millstone around his neck would be light punishment according to our Lord and Savior. Strong words from me? Please.

      • Reed says:

        I’m sorry if I ofended you, I agree with most of what you say. Please be aware that WND (and originally record searchlight) when writing the original article printed many statements about this particular case that were incorrect.

  3. wpuser135 says:

    Not at all offended! I tend to be direct which, in today’s politically correct,hyper-sensitive culture seems to come across as taking offense. Such a waste of time! If this person is not guilty of these crimes he should be exonerated as loudly as he was accused. But it seems that bleeding hearts want to bend so far over backwards for the guilty in finding out why they would do such a thing and get them treatment and reintegrate them into society where the recidivism rate is astronomical there is no compassion for future victims. The Biblical system of justice doesn’t speak of psychological repair but about protecting the innocent. The sin nature of man must live in fear or it will seek to manifest its will at any opportunity. Is that an un-biblical, uncompassionate opinion? Is it more biblical and more compassionate to justify prurience and victimization of the innocent and glorify it as ‘natural’ and allow it to multiply in the name of Christian kindness and mercy? Sorry, but when the iniquity of a nation reaches the full, God raises up His arm against it. Nineveh was on the cusp and repented. We have certainly been warned! Will we repent?

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