National Concealed Carry?

Consider this: Regarding the “National Concealed Reciprocity Act of 2017”. That which the government is powerful enough to give you, it is powerful enough to take away! If the Federal Government makes this bill law, a future Congress can modify it to revoke your right to carry at all! Think about it! If a state (the majority of voters in a state) invokes Constitutional carry and another requires a permit, and the Feds are given the power to decide which is acceptable via the “interstate commerce clause,” we will all be a great deal closer to disarmed at the whim of Congress (the laws of Chicago or D.C. could become the NATIONAL benchmark!). It is up to us as citizens to know the law in the jurisdiction we pass through! Ignorance of the law is no excuse (for anyone but the Clintons). When we turn inalienable rights over to the government to adjudicate, they are no longer rights, but privileges to be dispensed OR WITHHELD at their pleasure! If this is not a reason to weigh very carefully who you choose to empower to govern by your vote, WHAT IS? If this is not a reason to be far less lenient on those who would misuse their freedom to the harm of others WHAT IS?  If this is not a reason to take a long hard look at the truth of what truly resides in the heart of man, (Mark 7:18-21 & Jer. 17:9) and return to a system of justice that recognizes it, NOTHING IS!

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