One of the defining marks of the American experiment has been the PEACEFUL transfer of power to the duly elected official! The left seems to be trying to do all in its power to destroy that tradition and claims to be using our rights under the Constitution to validate their violence. Surely this is the most un-American misuse of inalienable rights possible. The Founders said that the Constitution was never meant to and would not govern those who would not govern themselves and grant equal freedom to others that they themselves claim. Using anarchy to destroy freedom so any form of totalitarian regime can destroy the individual freedoms the founding documents were put in place to protect is treason. Swearing to protect and defend what those documents stand for and then doing all in their power to undermine them is treason and villainy against all those citizens whose livelyhoods depend upon peace and prosperity made possible by the correct implementation of the principles those documents profess. Voters must think about that when they decide who they want in charge of implementing policies that are supposed to uphold all those documents stand for.

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