Experimental Theology III

What IS Free Will?  Anybody will tell you its your ability to do as you please!

Problem is that is NOT what Free Will is!  The actual definition of Free Will is”the ability to choose any at all of the moral options offered in a given situation”.

So what should we call the ability to choose our actions, to do as we please?  That is Free Agency!  In case anyone cares whether or not they are guilty of trying to sit in the throne of God, you might consider this:

Man is a created being.  Man was created by God to fulfill God’s Will.  Whether or not you choose to do so is NOT the issue.  The issue is that you were created to be an agent of God in bearing His Image in the World.  An agent is pretty much free to carry out his assigned duties as he sees fit.  It is the one who sends the agent that determines his fitness and performance; in this case the One Who sends is God!  We can consider ourselves free agents, at least in a limited sense. (Man makes plans but God orders his steps)

God has Free Will.  He has already decided what is right and what is wrong; what is good and what is evil (the moral option) regarding any action you take in any situation you find yourself in!

Still want to claim Free Will for yourself?  Or are you content to be a contingent free agent?

Since I have no designs on usurping the throne of God, and since I have been enlightened to the fact that there is a difference between what I really am and what I thought I was, I can no longer claim ignorance of Who is in charge!



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