The Incarnation

The early church worked very hard to define Christ, the God Man.  By the time of the Council of Chalcedon in 451 the concept of the “incarnation” was coming to the fore.  It refers to the idea that God took human nature upon Himself in order to redeem it.

The “doctrine of the two natures of Christ” sets out this basic position.  It states that Jesus Christ was “perfect in divinity and humanity, truly God and truly human.” This product of Chalcedon was a benchmark in Christian theology especially in the person and identity of Christ.  It has been considered as definitive for over fifteen hundred years.

Over the course of that millennium-and-a-half there have been few attempts to challenge this doctrine.  There have, however, been some thoughts on defining “person”.  The most recent being Gordon Clark.  He postulated that a person should be defined as a “complex of propositions”.

In terms of the Logos, how could a better analogy be put forth.  In terms of people in general, every individual is a unique complex of propositions.

The thing is, this definition makes the nature of Christ essentially the same as the definition of any other human who has ever lived.  He is our step-brother because His Father is God. Ours is Adam. But through His mother He is related to Adam also thus fulfilling the physical relationship required to be our Redeemer and the spiritual relationship to be sin free and qualified to be our Redeemer.

This does not require two distinct natures. The complex of propositions that is Jesus Christ includes the holiness and righteousness of the Father and all the humanity of the mother; the ability to be tempted in all ways as a man was in his nature as was His ability to overcome the temptation.  His unique complex of propositions includes it all.

By Occam’s Razor, this better defines the nature of Christ than the explanation from Chalcedon. By this understanding the nature of Christ is not dichotomous but wondrously unified, not so mysterious and beyond understanding but He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father but by Him. His unique Complex of Propositions full of grace and truth makes Him So!

He knows me for the sinner I am and still He gave His life that I might live to His glory!
Merry Christmas and God Bless!


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