On Creation and Evil

Dorothy L. Sayers wrote “The Mind of the Maker” back in 1941. In it she contemplated on the co-dependence of Good and Evil.  She spoke of Hamlet and Not-Hamlet.  Not-Hamlet had no being until there was a Hamlet.  Anti-Hamlet also is but a measurement against Hamlet.

She said a bung hole is every bit as real as the barrel but owes its very existence to the barrel itself.  She surmised that evil owed its existence to good and was thence defined by it.

I believe that while these thoughts are interesting and seem apriori, there is this to consider:

Truth is not created.  It exists from eternity in the Mind of God.  Untruth and anti-truth are therefore defined by Truth.  Moral Good did not begin in the created realm.  It exists from Eternity in the Mind of God.  Moral Evil, whether un-good or anti-good, is defined in the Mind of God from Eternity.

Truth and untruth, good and evil are not created but are eternal concepts in the mind of God Himself. God has, in eternity, proved and approved righteousness.  In His Creation, He is teaching us its value.

He is teaching us according to His lesson plan and according to His time-line.

We may not like it.  Many times we do not see the sense in it.  Mostly we deny that He is in fact, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient by asserting that we have a “free will”. Pharaoh is the quintessential proof of the effectiveness of man’s free will assertions.

You may not agree!  But I ask you to remember that we are the creature and HE IS the Creator!

Hath not the Potter power over the clay?  Of the same lump to make one vessel to honor and another to dishonor?  Those who assert free will are by definition saying that the LUMP decides!

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