Consider This!

Does God ever command that we act against conscience?  That is, of course, conscience rightly formed and in line with His revelation of righteousness.  No, He does not command us to act against conscience (in case you weren’t sure)!

We look at this election the way the Apostles looked at filling the position left by Judas.  They selected two names and left it up to how the lot fell to decide; as if God needed their advise!  God was not bound by their efforts.  He knocked Saul off his horse on the way to Damascus and called him to be the 12th. The rest is New Testament history.

I say all that to remind us that we are not called to vote for evil, or the lesser of two evils, but to NOT vote against our conscience.  Tomorrow is the day.  Make your vote count as a statement of conscience and see how God’s Hand works in repairing our nation!

As citizens we must vote. God has blessed us with that option! But as Christians, we must consider God’s will in doing so! The lesser of two evils is still evil. Consider all the choices, mark your ballot and let your conscience be clear when you exit the polls.

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