What’s Left in the Barrel?

The people are ever so slowly rediscovering the reason the Founders warned us so adamantly about NEVER trusting in the government. It does NOTHING for us without requiring us to give up some sort of freedom AND resources in return. If the loss of freedom was water in a barrel, and the slow drip of government overreach since 1900 but a small leak, it would be evident to all that we are no longer a free people. The barrel is nearly empty. The Founders did their best for their children. Their children (us) have forgotten all about future generations and squandered their future all on ourselves. We have no one to blame for the fall but ourselves. Seek wisdom as the pearl of great price and you will open your eyes to what we have allowed to happen. Or just ignore it and we shall continue our ever increasing slide into the dark. The choice is ours. But to choose wisely, one must SEEK wisdom as if nothing else really matters. And this IS wisdom: But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (all these things being the necessities of life for each one of us) Ignore Him and His righteousness at your peril. The first freedom we gave up was thinking for ourselves. The second was THINKING! ’nuff said?

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