I want to believe in the COS effort. The Founders were brilliant men and did their very best to provide a lasting framework upon which their children could live in freedom. Article V has emotional appeal to freedom loving Americans in today’s climate of overreaching government. BUT! This is the question I need answered or at least addressed before I can throw my whole support behind the COS effort and I hope you feel the same way: Given the corrupt state of government and the seemingly ubiquitous lack of moral fiber in the general population, how can amending a constitution that few pay any attention to at all, fix our problem? Won’t they just ignore or subvert any real constitutional effort to rein in the bureaucratic nightmare we have allowed to spawn? If we find delegates the caliber of the Founders who care more for the principles upon which the future of liberty can flourish than the interests of the individual, will the huge percentage of the population dependent upon the status quo willingly give up their corporate governmental “security net” for the individual insecurity and personal responsibility that true freedom is built upon? The Founders effort was based upon a real trust in divine Providence. In God We Trust has become a slogan on our money but hardly a principle of life for us today. Without that what good will amending the Founding Document do?

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