To Carry? Or Not!

Corrupt!  A nation of laws?  We have laws!  But just who is enforcing them?  Liars and Cheaters and Thieves!  Oh, My!

I grew up in peace.  Not world peace, you understand.  But the peace of being able to tell your kids to be home before dark, turn them loose with no cell phone or any other means of instant communication, not hear a word out of them all day long and be virtually certain that they would be home by dark (or at least almost).  No fear (or almost).

My dad was a small town cop.  He knew just about everybody and about everybody knew him and if someone partied a little too hearty and got stopped he might give them a ride home or just let them sleep it off in a cell and cut them loose in the morning.   No fear, no record, little or no problem and no real enemies.  He did his job and was respected whether he was always liked or not.  He carried a gun when he was on duty.  The rest of the time it hung on a chair in their bedroom and we knew enough not to touch it.  That was when it was a nation of laws.  We lived in the spirit of the law and only resorted to the letter when the lawbreaker would have it no other way.  I knew no one who really thought it necessary to carry a gun for self-protection.  Everybody knew they could if they had to, but no one thought they had to!  Most had them whether they ever used them for anything or not.  But that was fifty years ago.

The difference between then and now is shameful!  In the last few years I have observed changes in this country that demand a response.  That response is one that I find distasteful at best.  Disgusting is probably a more apt  description.  It never really occurred to me that I had responsibilities associated with the rights my forefathers sacrificed so much to preserve for me.  That is until schools started getting shot up and bombs started going off and rioting in the street over media-hyped injustice that was obviously staged to create chaos.  I began to look at the responsibilities my rights required of me.  Responsibilities outside of home and family (although part of the situation outside is because of my lack of attention over decades!  Not myself alone but every American who spent all their time and attention on getting stuff and none of it being a watchman on the wall)  I must at this point inject an epiphany I had concerning the Second Amendment.  …being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  That epiphany concerns the meaning of ‘free state’.  It does not mean the state of Kansas or New York or any of the other forty-eight possibilities; or even the United States.   It means the condition of personal freedom—the state of being free!   It means that without the unfettered  freedom to keep and bear arms, we are at the mercy of criminals and tyrants.  The personal right to self-defense by whatever means one deems necessary, is one of the unmentioned inalienable rights among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

Now that I have taken the blinders off and climbed that wall and looked around, what I see sickens me.  Instead of a shining city on a hill, I see a morally bankrupt, dependant, what’s in it for me, society that can be manipulated and deceived by anyone who says anything they want to hear.  We have been turned against each other by those who want nothing more than to extinguish the light we once were.  Don’t get me wrong, we were never perfect, far from it.  But a nation that encouraged individual freedom was rare.  Those who want control simply cannot abide the freedom of others.  But the idea of being free is hard to kill.  They have been looking for ways to destroy it as long as controlling others has been in the mind of man.  The best way to do it is to give away stuff.  The Robin Hood government!  Take from the rich and give to the poor!  Don’t make anyone earn what they are given in any way!  That is demeaning!  The Great Society!  Well, here we are, at the crossroads.

And I?  Well I have come to the conclusion that the right to keep and bear arms must be exercised if it is to be kept!  I hate it.  I hate feeling the need to be armed.  I hate that criminals are welcomed in across an open border and given stuff citizens are finding it harder and harder to earn.  I hate that the government that is supposed to support and defend the Constitution, the document that shouts out to us that we have inalienable rights, isn’t!  They are shredding it and buying the opportunity to shred it by giving away stuff they have stolen from the producers.  I hate being told I am a bigot because I value my freedom and want it protected.  I hate that people would sell their soul for a handout!  I hate that rioters and looters are given a free pass.  I hate that being a responsible American makes me a target!  I hate that there are those who want to destroy what I love just because they can.

I love what the Founders created enough to protect it and see it passed on, and I pray to Almighty God that the pen truly is mightier than the sword in doing so!


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