The Inconvenient Life

The Bengazi report has come out and with it all the finger pointing and denial!  Of course Hillary and the Administration were vindicated by the MSM because it was just a Partisan hack job!  And, after all at this point, what does  it matter??  That was SUCH a long time ago!

I would ask that you consider this:  Those who really consider Bengazi old news and want to continue the ‘hope and change’ that we are currently enjoying are so pro-‘choice’ that life to them is really nothing more than a matter of convenience.

If a life is inconvenient in the womb, get rid of it.  After all why be punished for a lifetime for a very short term mistake?  By extension if globalism is the goal, how much greater the vision and how many more lives can be sacrificed if they become inconvenient?

Those who lust after power have shown themselves to be willing to sacrifice whole nations if it even appears to them that their power over what is left increases.  Perhaps that is why they want to control school curriculum–revisionist history, and dependency by increasing government subsidies on everything from healthcare and welfare to crops.  Ignorance is not bliss but dependency IS bondage!

We can educate ignorance and we can opt out of most forms of government dependency.  If the conservative economists are correct, the end of dependency is near anyway, and it will not be pleasant nor voluntary.

When an ostrich sticks its head in the sand it leaves its a$$ VERY EXPOSED.  Americans have had their heads in the sand for decades.  Our blind eye AS WELL AS the exposed parts attached to it, are bound to suffer the consequences sooner or later and the wisdom of God says it always happens sooner than we expect it will.  Is your lamp full and its wick trimmed?  Or are you going to be just another inconvenient life?

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