The Sit-In!

“Law-makers”, and if I used the term any more loosely it would be meaningless, have decided to grab some headlines by sitting on the floor of the House and being a spectacle.  Instead of educating themselves on what a true assault weapon is, or (God Forbid) studying the Constitution and what the Founders truly had in mind when they penned the Second Amendment, they sit on the floor whining  for the cameras.  They sit on the floor and embarrass their employers (us) and our nation by showing just what the combination of ignorance and a big mouth can do in the way of getting the attention of the sycophantic media echoing their pathetic meme of ‘Guns are at Fault!!!’

Their ‘common sense’ ‘No fly, No Buy!’ utterly ignores the fact that it took US Senator Ted frikkin’ Kennedy 6 months to get his name off the no fly list!  (Chappaquiddick had nothing to do with terrorism, except maybe in Betty Jo’s case.)  He had virtually unlimited resources and  undeniable name recognition.  What chance has the average person got to reverse a decision that is made in the dark with no access to his accuser.  What guarantee is there that DHS would not follow the IRS path and target any and all who have ever said and unkind word  about them or called for an investigation of their methods, or just showed some impatience in a TSA line? –Oh, Here are another 1000 names to add to the list!  Ya,know that file of active duty military sure makes this a lot easier.  Everybody knows, military, combat, PTSD, have to be on the list.  Those people sure can’t be trusted with a weapon!!

I’m from the government and unless you are a veteran, conservative activist, home school-er, flag waving citizen other than on the 4th of July, Christian, or any other brand of government specified home-grown terrorist, I’m here to help!   We can especially  make middle-eastern refugees, BLM, NBP, Occupy, “Undocumented immigrants” etc. comfortable on our welfare roles!  By the way, here is a Democrat voter party declaration form. We are happy to have you with us and just KNOW you’ll do the right thing when election day rolls around!  We seem to have run out of Clinton Foundation contribution forms, but you can google it on the smart phone we give you and make your best gift whenever you like out of the generous stipend you receive as a political asylum seeker!  Thank you. Next!

You know we really can’t trust those who claim to love the Constitution and Freedom—violent extremists every one.  That’s really why we have to do everything we can to keep them from getting  guns!

SMACK! HEY Wake Up! You were having a Nightmare! …Wait! What? You mean I‘m not dreaming?

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