What do you think will happen if Britain ditches its membership in the EU?  The economic repercussions could be catastrophic. The EU would go broke. The refugees would be no better off than if they had stayed home or in the camps.  The Socialist  leadership would very soon, almost immediately run out of other people’s money to spend. Civil unrest. Venezuela on a continental scale!  And all because the Brits don’t like people being raped and murdered in the streets by those they were just trying to help!  How ungrateful!  Throwing the whole mess to the wolves instead of just giving in to righteous Dhimmi-hood like good little servants of the Caliphate.  When will they see the light!

Oh, wait!  Its the bigotry of self-preservation that is driving them!  Reeducation is definitely in order.  I’m pretty sure the mosques could add another classroom or two if they just found someplace else to store all those AKs and ammo!  That would be the peaceful thing to do, don’t you think?



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