American Citizen?

Sign a petition to make Congress guarantee our rights?

Don’t those people take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution when they accept the office to which they are elected?  And when they don’t?  We are led like sheep to the slaughter!  They talk about how tough it is.  They talk about cooperation being necessary.  They talk  and talk and talk and with every word our liberty dwindles because they refuse to uphold the oath they took.  Let me repeat that–They REFUSE to uphold the oath they took.  They come up with every lame excuse in the book but there IS no excuse.  They refuse to represent us in the only way that is VITAL to the survival of our liberty and our continued existence as a sovereign nation: protecting and defending the Constitution.

But they get away with it because WE don’t GET IT!  We the People have turned our back on the responsibility that true liberty requires of us.  The responsibility of RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Religion has little or nothing to do with true righteousness.  Righteousness makes liberty possible.  De Toqueville GOT IT!  He said that if America ever ceases to be GOOD it will cease to be great.  Now I know that the job of just getting by in the world today is a great excuse for shirking the responsibilities of citizenship.  Those responsibilities extend beyond just going to the polls and getting the I Voted sticker!  The reason we have a totally out of control government is because we voted out of ignorance or out of personal interest and the principles of liberty be damned!

So now we have to sign a useless petition that begs the people we put in office to actually represent US instead of lining their own pockets when in point of fact most of the time they are in office in the first place because they promised to LINE OUR POCKETS!!!  We are without EXCUSE!  Our shining beacon on a hill that cries LIBERTY to the oppressed is swirling the drain because we are now in the position of thinking we have to give up ESSENTIAL LIBERTY for temporary security.  Our Founders promised that if we do that we will have NEITHER liberty NOR security.

Liberty cannot exist without the exercise of righteousness , whether we like it or not, whether we admit it or not.  Liberty is the reward of God for the righteousness of a nation.  He has and can again remove it for just cause and if you think He won’t?  Take a quick look at the history of the world.  The Founders studied it deeply and what they passed on was the gift of God.  We have turned it into a punch line!


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