Hypostatic Union Exchange


> There is a premise that I took up fairly early on. It is that Holy Scripture is God’s revelation to His people. Jesus taught in parables so that seeing they would not perceive and hearing they would not understand. Who is ‘they’? I believe that ‘they’ includes everyone who is either chosen but too lazy to really work to understand what He is telling us, or not chosen and thus completely blind to Him. Harsh maybe, but to me that is what reason dictates. I abhor mystery in what is supposed to be a revelation! If God reveals all we can know about Jesus Christ, which I believe he does, then His nature as our Redeemer must be understandable to those willing to accept what is revealed about it. Is the nature of Jesus Christ any more of a mystery than the nature of any other man, really? Or do we make it that way in some effort at artificial humility?
> In the sin of Adam all are fallen. Therefore in God’s economy, the moral ability and holiness of the child is inherited of the father.
> The Father of Jesus Christ is God. His moral ability and holiness is inherited of the Father.
> John 1:14 And the Word became flesh, and [a]dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of [b]the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.
> Is it necessary to shoehorn two distinct natures in the same person to explain Him? I grant that those who came before us and passed on their best understanding to us should be respected but not blindly followed to the end of their journey and no farther! The KISS principle applies.
> God created Adam, but the only Begotten of the Father IS the Son, Jesus Christ!
> So do we really need the mystery of the hyostatic union when a simpler and far easier to understand (to me) explanation is at hand? Or am I a heretic for having the temerity to even think about such a deep and holy topic?
> What do you think?

> I can’t quite tell where you stand. Are you denying the Godhood or humanity of Christ?
Neither! I’m saying that the moral nature of the human sons of Adam is from Adam and the moral nature of the human Son of God is from God! Is that such a difficult concept? Does the KISS principle not apply? Is Jesus Holy? Is God Holy? Was Adam sinful? Are we sinful? Are we human? Was Jesus human? Only Begotten means ONLY Begotten of the Father. The natural inheritance of moral nature applies to both! So why must we invoke mystery and something we supposedly are incapable of understanding when it is not really all that complicated.
Gordon Clark defined personhood as ‘a complex of propositions’. Each individual is a complex of propositions as different as fingerprints. The theory of a hypostatic union was just that, a theory. It may or may not be the best explanation of how to define the nature of Christ!


So I’m a little confused at your stance. You’re not denying the humanity or Godhood of Jesus but not in favor of the hypostatic union. So is your stance along the lines of adopted sonship? And I am more than willing to have a civilized debate on the subject with you! 🙂


It took three centuries for science to get beyond Newtonian physics. It has been over 1500 years since the doctrine of the Hypostatic Union was put forth. It is patently obvious that the church is not always right, I.e inquisition, Salem witch burnings, etc. etc. Drew, I am 67 years old. My generation is on the way out. We will not be the ones who save the church. You and your generation will, if it is to be saved at all.  My generation has largely decided nothing needs to be done because Jesus is coming–nothing more to learn nothing more to discover–nothing but just try to get people saved!  Look around Drew, how’s it working for us? Autopilot and generations of accepting the same regurgitated stuff with no effort to prove anything independently–that might be seen as sacrilegious! Just who do we think we are to question these well respected men of God?  Well, when someone asks me to believe what he says because of who he is, I start looking for what’s in it for them.  If what they say is true proof is no problem. If not why should I take their word for anything?  The same thinking that got the church to this point, will not fix it.  As I said if the church is to be revived its going to be you to do it. So please let me know if you want to end our dialogue.



Sorry, I’m not always in a place where I can check my emails. Can I just try to clarify your position? You believe that Jesus Christ was, is, always has been God but He was not fully human; He was just in the form of a man. Therefore denying, in some sense, the humanity of Christ. Correct?

I do not deny His complete humanity. What I am trying to relate to you is that the sin nature is inherited by every son of Adam. We are all begotten of Adam and thus partakers of his moral nature. Jesus Christ is the only begotten human Son of Jehova, God the Father.  He inherited the holy nature of God just as we inherited the sin nature of Adam. Jesus was every bit as human as you or I, except without sin. He was completely human and could be tempted in all ways as a man. But he carried the holiness of His Father and so was able to overcome where we fail. He is the only begotten Son of God in all that entails in this world. He was the second Adam in all that entailed. He is a person. The second person of the Trinity. A complex of propositions (Gordon Clark’s description of what personhood is)  that is absolutely unique in time and purpose. A 1500 year old theory of a being with two natures is no longer sufficient to explain Who He is. Just as we were cteated to grow in our understanding of the physical universe around us, I firmly believe we were also created to grow in our spiritual understanding of who we are and what our ultimate purpose is. I do not know if I can explain it more clearly.

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