Questions for Deacons and Pastors

Questions for Deacons and Pastors

If A=B and B=C then does A=C?

Is God the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever?

Is Jesus Christ unchanging; the same yesterday today and forever?

Is Jesus Christ the Word incarnate?

Is it true that without Him nothing was made that was made?

Did Jesus tell His disciples that He taught in parables so that (referring to unbelievers) seeing they would not perceive and hearing they would not understand?

Did the OT prophets know the full meaning of their prophesies.

Why did the Gentile wise men from the east recognize the signs of the birth of the King of the Jews when the priests and scribes did not until the wise men came?

Has everything we should know about who we are, who Jesus Christ is and what His plan is, been revealed and recognized by the church? Any more-so than it was revealed and used by the OT church?

If all of Holy Scripture is given for reproof, rebuke, and instruction in all righteousness, and we claim it is the Word of God, and John claimed that the Word came and dwelt among us as Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ taught in parables in the flesh, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever, then the Word from before the incarnation must have used parable to serve the same function and purpose Jesus did when He spoke it aloud!

If A=B and B=C then A without doubt =C.

What have we to lose in the investigation of such an idea? If we run into irreconcilable contradiction we know we are wrong. If not we stand to come closer to Christ than we have ever been because we will know Him, His purpose, and reach a fuller appreciation of the depth of His sacrificial love for us than we have ever had.

We are commanded to study, to renew our minds. Does that not mean to think in new ways less tied to the flesh and its agenda?

If you are not driven to this that’s fine! Most of Persia was not driven to seek the Messiah either!

Faith in The Gospel does not depend upon works. If all you are called to is ABC and trying to be a Good Samaritan, that is your walk and I must not question or belittle it! The Antediluvian contemporaries of Noah were not convinced by his revelations any more than the priests and scribes were convinced by the very presence and works of Christ. I personally believe that after a number of years trying, Noah was too busy building the ark to continue trying to convince them. The Ark itself stood as testimony!  And after about thirty- three years among us Christ’s work on earth was finished, He said so.

The admonition to study to show oneself approved must mean that there is in the Word more that those called to it must seek. Were the wise men ridiculed for their quest? What do you think?

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