Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Chapter Six

So, what about Eve?  Let’s start with controversial.  Eve was a derived being!  God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep and from him took a rib.  Eve was created of Adam’s rib.  She was created of the nature and essence of Adam.  A derived being, not a lesser one!!!  It was probably too late to say that because just about everybody was already trying to find out what kind of bigot would believe such a thing before I got that far.

Adam and Eve were moral and spiritual equals.  They were not, however, equal to each other in the eyes of God in one very important way.  In Adam was vested the responsibility for adherence to the Covenant of Works.  Obedience to the law required Adam to do something, a work: Thou shalt not eat of the fruit of the tree ….  The Covenant was between Adam and God not Eve and God.  As long as Adam maintained his righteousness he would not surely die.

God placed them in paradise.  Gave Adam the perfect mate, dominion over all the earth, and the garden to tend — the perfect job (no weeds!)  And when Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, all he had to do, and there is no reason to believe he could not (except one) simply ask God to forgive her.  His righteousness would have covered her.

To take a step back, Eve looked at the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and saw something that was not true.  She saw that it was good for food.  That was a lie.  She saw that it was good to make one wise.  That was a lie.  And she saw that it was pleasant to look upon.  Why?  She knew the law.  She said so and even added it going so far as to say they were forbidden to even touch it.  But, her nature and character were derived from Adam.  She had his DNA!  She was quite literally his fraternal twin.  She believed the lie and she ate.  She gave to Adam and he ate!

She was deceived.  She believed the lie.  Adam was not deceived!  What was his reason?  Why would he enter into overt rebellion against the Creator and benefactor of every blessing he had?  What was it in his nature that caused such a breach in his fellowship with God?  The one reason Adam ate was, had to be, his carnal nature.  Nothing else is reasonable.  Nothing else makes sense.  Eve’s nature found the ways to deceive herself so she ate.  But Adam ate knowingly.  He partook knowing the consequences.  He ate so he could be like God. knowing good and evil.

The problem is that without omniscience we cannot define good and evil for ourselves.  What to us might seem good today might ultimately be evil.  God is the only source of the definition of what is good and what is truly evil.

Is evil an eternal concept?  God is eternally holy.  Holy means separate.  What is God separate from in eternity?  all that is antithetical to life and light!  That is what we are called to be and indeed must be when we enter eternity.  Holiness is actively pursuing all that is life and light and forever and completely eschewing all that is darkness and death.

The definition of God’s omniscience is not clairvoyance.  He does not look down the corridors of time and see what will happen.  God’s omniscience is the working out of the plan in intimate detail.  Scripture openly tells us we should not see God as the provider of all that is good and look elsewhere for the source of calamity!  No one knows the depth of God’s involvement in His creation, but we had better start taking it way more seriously than we do!  Unless of course that is too difficult.  Then maybe we should just be content to be nominal Christians.  Ya think!

We only really need to study enough to agree with long established doctrine.  Otherwise we might end up thinking thoughts too deep for us and commit blasphemy against God! (Or maybe only against the powers that be in religious circles)  Jefferson had it right! Question everything, even the existence of a God …

Next question: So where do the angels come from?

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