The Conversation of Cain and Abel Chapter 3


So this part of the story of Cain and Abel closes.  But what is to be learned from it?    Do you live your life, conduct your worship, and found your relationship with God based upon your answer to the first question God asked Cain?  “If you do well will you not be accepted?”

This begs the question, whose eyes measure your well-doing?  You say, “I am honest, I work hard, I go to church, I pay my tithe, I have allowed God to work through me to do his will!”  What does God say about the first four items on this list?  He says you must do all this plus!  What does He say about the last item?  He says HE works in us both to will and to do that which is of His good pleasure.  That does not speak of “allowing” Him to have His way.  That speaks of willingly and willfully carrying out His good pleasure; not passively “allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us”; but actively doing the will of God.

Cain had told God that it was the earth from which he had always drawn strength.  That means that he relied on God not at all but on the produce of his own strength and his sacrifice was given out of pride of self not out of recognition of the grace of God in his abundance.  He said that as a fugitive and a wanderer in the earth he would be hid from God’s face, proving that he refused to recognize God as his omnipresent Creator and sovereign Lord.   Finally, he said that this punishment would allow anyone who saw him to kill him, as if that punishment would be unjust and again stating that God really did not have that right!

Do you believe that he was correct?  Have you ever thought about God’s purpose in allowing Cain to “get away with murder”?  Did He?  What implications are presented to us in how we understand that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts?  Do we SAY that they aren’t, then presume to act as if they are?  Do you believe that a lack of persecution in your life is a mark of blessing?

God’s revelation of Himself to us, through the Scriptures of the Old and New testaments, reveals to us our fallen-ness and His plan of Redemption.  If it had not, we would never be able to appreciate the value of the advent of the Son, Jesus Christ.  The Lord gave us these snippets of human history that we might think and ponder and consider just who WE are in relation to Him; who HE is in relation to us; and how much He loves us that He would bear our affliction to redeem us.

His Word teaches us that if we love Him and truly recognize Him for what He has done for us, we will seek to obey Him.  Knowing how and what He expects is only possible through the study of His Word.  Faith without works is dead!  Consider for a moment any other sources from which we might come to know Him or the truth about ourselves!   You cannot come to know God’s will for your life until and unless you know and accept God’s Will!

The Beginning?

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