letter to the editor 2

Ms. English took me to task after my first post.   She said I was wrong about liberals among many other things.  So I replied:

To the Editor:

In response to the recent letter by Donna English:

Ms. English, your letter is a perfect example of the defensiveness of the liberal mindset  to which I referred in my earlier post.  It is also, by the way, a textbook example of Alinsky’s twelfth rule.  I will leave it to anyone who is interested to educate themselves on who Saul Alinsky was and why his influence on the current Occupier in Chief is important, both in mindset and method.

I do not believe that a letter to the editor is a venue capable of committing the time or space necessary in refuting in detail the hundreds of thousands of pages of complex, overlapping and often contradictory rules the unelected bureaucracy, both state and federal, both published and unpublished, has placed over us as the burden of law to which we are required, as good citizens, to obey.

I am a less than shining example of a Viet Nam era vet .  But I took an oath of allegiance to support and defend the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.   To my further shame, it took me forty years to come to the realization that the oath I took was not limited to the period of time I wore the uniform.  It had no expiration date!

For those who partake of the main stream media (MSM) and do not get much outside of it, there is one piece of information of which you should be aware:  their political characterization of the left as liberal and the right as conservative is misleading.  The Founders view of the political continuum ranged from Tyranny on the left to absolute autonomous freedom (anarchy) on the right.  If you draw that out on a piece of paper you can quickly see that what the Founders set up this nation to be, a democratic republic based upon individual freedom and personal responsibility, is to the left of anarchy but far to the right of tyranny.  The further left you get from individual freedom and personal responsibility, the closer you get to tyranny!

The Constitution strictly limited the scope of the Federal government to five basic duties, each of which is rooted and founded in the Christian understanding of personal liberty and personal responsibility: establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

Establishing Justice?  That requires all members of society to adhere to rule of law.  No one is above it.  How is the DOJ doing right now?  Or Congress?  Or the Executive branch?  Or the Courts?  Oh, I almost forgot; how are we the people doing?

Insure domestic tranquility?  From what I see on a daily basis, the POTUS and the MSM are doing everything in their power to promote class warfare, racial strife, gender dissension, religious turmoil, you name it, if there is a way to destroy domestic tranquility they are using it and keep coming up with new ones.  Stir up a crisis and never let it go to waste!

Providing for the common defense requires everyone to contribute.  The Armed Forces should not be a proving ground for every hare-brained social experiment that comes down the pike!  They have more than enough to deal with right now thanks to what is and has been passing for leadership and “statesmanship.”

Promoting the general welfare?  That never was intended to mean providing a safety net for every ne’r-do-well who is too lazy to work, or every woman who finds it easier to pop a baby without a husband so she can get a larger check from welfare, or school lunches, or subsidized farm programs, or any other free ride that can be provided by politicians who want to keep buying votes.  Individual freedom requires above all else personal responsibility!

Secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our posterity?  Three and a half years ago this nation was ten trillion dollars in debt thanks to that list of boondoggles and wars that you mentioned, Ms. English.  I am not for one second dismissing that fact or who was in office at the time.  Today we are knocking on the door of sixteen trillion dollars in debt.  There are three hundred million Americans.   That is roughly Fifty-three thousand dollars of debt each for every man, woman, and child in this nation and increasing each second.

Unless we eliminate that debt, the yet unborn inherit it.  Is that what you want?  Is your idea of what is best for them so flawless that you are willing to saddle them with ever increasing debt and ever more intrusive government?  The American Revolution was initiated largely because the people were being taxed without representation.  What will the yet unborn generation say when they realize what we have done to them? Personally,  I would rather die in a cardboard box under a dilapidated bridge than be part of the mob demanding more handouts that some politician (no matter what party they say they belong to), or some bleeding heart liberal, says we “deserve”!  Ever hear of unfunded mandates, Ms. English?   Politicians use them and pork barrel projects to buy votes.  Someone else can worry about how to pay for them–later.  No one cares about the unborn anyway!  Any one of them can be killed as a mere inconvenience.  So let them pay for the programs that purchase the votes of those willing to sell them for the promise of temporary personal advantage now.  You obviously believe that government, rightly administered, is the answer.   Government trumps individual freedom and personal responsibility.  The great unwashed must have someone to tell them what’s best for them from cradle to grave!

So, is it ideology (the love of tyranny) or temporary security (the promise of something for nothing) that buys your vote, Ms. English?

Finally, in answer to your question:  No, I will never again accept money from the Government.  I pay my taxes and if I overpay I am entitled to refund of that overpayment and only by the amount I have overpaid, nothing more.  Social Security was a Ponzi scheme and America fell for it.

Martin Treptow’s Pledge virtually defines the American idea of individual freedom and personal responsibility.  And in so far as I am able I will treat the removal of the debt on the next generation as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.  That is my pledge.  In your letter, you called my character into question.  Are you willing to make that pledge, Ms. English?  And if you do, is your word as good as the paper it is written on?  Will you throw yourself on the grenade?   But of course you’ve never seriously had to make a decision of that sort, have you?  Nothing to be ashamed of, most haven’t, until now!  The life or death of America that the Founders created is at stake.  We must choose which it will be.

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